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The mission at hand.

On this trip you will be identifying current endangered species and recording them.
It will be your job to safely complete your journey, document the events with photographs,
and put together a persuasive presentation on what you saw.
You will only document those species native to the country of your choice.
Your focus for the presentation will be to
compel others to change their habits to save these endangered species.
This means identifying the causes of extinction!
Your job is to create an engaging and persuasive power point presentation
on the endangered species native to one country in Africa.

You must include:
1. The creatures.
2. Description of their climate.
3. Why they are extinct.
4. What you think people like us can do to help.

It may help to if each person plays a part in this process. Put one person charge of being:
-the safari guide: helps find information and presents synthesis of findings to class.
-the photographer: finding quality pictures of each animal and figuring out a way to organize the information and create the power point.
-the adventurer seeker: asks the critical questions and guides process of attaining the information and meeting each requirement.
Proceed wisely. You never know when you may stumble upon a shocking thought, like:
"Knowing that we may be directly contributing to the extinction of some animals,
should we be required to give up some of our luxuries?"
or, "Why do you think it is so important that we try
to prevent animal extinction?"