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Safely Home.

Cheers to you my adventurer! You have completed your mission.
I hope you discovered how every creature in our environment plays a
special part and contributes in their own way.
Your last task is to go home and observe and reflect on what things
you can change to help our environment. Write a one page summary
of the different things you could change in your daily activities
to conserve resources and help endangered animals.
Describe how doing these acts will benefit the environment as a whole.
This is an individual activity and will be graded as homework.

Lastly ponder these thoughts in your spare time:
If animals continue to be added to the
extinction list, how will this affect me?
Why do humans hold a lot of the blame for extinct animals?
What have I learned from this activity?

Thank you for you determination and effort.
Any new questions please direct them to my email
and I will address them with the class: