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Hold on tight!

How you will be successful on your African Safari:
Each safari team will have three people in it.
As stated before there will be a safari guide,
adventure seeker, and photographer. You will assign the
roles yourselves, based on each others strengths. Follow the directions
below to ensure you have completed your work correctly.

Part 1: Gathering information
-start your investigation with these questions to guide you.
1. What does it mean to be endangered?
2. What does it mean to be extinct?
3. What are the endangered animals for my country?
4. What is causing these animals to become extinct?
5. How can we prevent this?
6. What is the climate of my country?

Part 2: Bringing it all together
-this is where you create your power point
1. This is where you will need to work together as a
team to decide what will be the best practice
to end the endangerment of these animals.
2. You must present your decision as an argument aimed
at persuading others to act towards ending endangerment.

Part 3: Presentation and Persuasion
-This is where you will present your power point and attempt
to persuade the audience towards lending a hand.
1. The team must present a concise argument to the audience.
2. You will be rated on your performance by your peer
members. The raters will be instructed to consider
good points made in your favor and if they were persuaded.
3. A good act for persuasion would be to present
solutions to the problem that are attainable for the average person.

The completion of such a project will require your group to discuss and
decide what we as a society are doing incorrectly and how to change this.

Websites you may find helpful:
Lists endangered species my region and country.
Information on Africa.
Fact sheet by continent.

Other resources:
-Bucks County Public Library
-Ms. Dettore's Encyclopedia Program