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Embark on your journey!

Congratulations! You are one of the privileged few who get to travel on an adventurous African Safari!
You will select one African country to explore, so choose wisely!
Your task is to improve the world you live in by identifying animals
that face the threat of being extinct.
You will try your best to help by identifying why these animals are
endangered and how we can change this problem.
Many creatures have already fell victim to extinction.
Some included the woolly mammoth, the dodo bird, and saber toothed tiger.
How did these creatures become endangered and how has this harmed our environment?
Now is the time to act.
Your actions could be the ones to keep one animal from becoming extinct!

Academic Standard for Environment and Ecology:
4.7.4C: Identify and understand extinction.

Academic Standard for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening:
1.4.3B: Writing informational pieces, using illustrations when relevant.